Mobile Apps

It is reported that mobile customers spend about 80 percent of their time in apps and 20 percent in browsers. It can be inferred that even the best mobile web solutions just don’t get the visibility and usage of native apps that are discoverable through platform app stores. Furthermore, although the W3C and browser vendors strive to surface native platform capabilities through new HTML5 standards, it’s a slow process. Compared with native apps and native APIs, the mobile Web and HTML5 will generally be at a disadvantage when it comes to delighting customers with new innovations. So we help our customers with Native iOS , Android and Windows platform apps  as well as the Cross-platform hybrid apps to save their resources.

We have the expertise in these areas

Native platforms

  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. Windows
  4. BlackBerry

Cross-platform apps using the frameworks such as

  1. Xamarin
  2. Phonegap
  3. IONIC